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"Door Wars!" Amazon Key advances its in-garage delivery front into 5000 cities! The battle to get packages securely into consumers' hands intensifies! Porch Pirates should find another occupation!

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success stories

Ursa Major consultants have played instrumental roles in numerous success stories, helping clients to identify, pursue and execute breakthrough growth strategies. Here are some of our accomplishments.

  • Served as Thought Leader on development of US Postal Service Expedited Package Services Business Plan, leading to the creation of the highly successful workshared parcel consolidation and last mile delivery product, Parcel Select, now accounting for annual revenue exceeding $6 billion.


  • Initiated first USPS competitor partnership with DHL Express, creating innovative co-branded international guaranteed express delivery product, Global Express Guaranteed, generating annual revenue exceeding $100 million.


  • Introduced Click & Send and the concept of online shipping to USPS leading to the creation and adoption of its highly successful application Click-N-Ship, now generating annual revenue exceeding $400 million. 


  • Developed diversification strategy for Pitney Bowes to enter the USPS First Class Mail presort bureau market, leading to its aggressive and well executed roll-up acquisition plan generating annual revenue exceeding $500 million.


  • Identified and developed market opportunity for FedEx’s entry into USPS’s workshared drop-ship parcel consolidation program, Parcel Select, leading to its market entry as FedEx SmartPost, now generating annual revenue exceeding $1 billion.


  • Developed strategy for DHL Global Mail to transition from flats to parcel products leading to corporate repositioning as DHL eCommerce.


  • Thought-led USPS OIG’s bold Bridging the Digital Divide Project and co-authored its highly regarded and widely distributed paper, “The Postal Service Role in the Digital Age Expanding the Postal Platform.”


  • Founded The PostalVision 2020 Initiative and staged its annual conference since in Washington DC from 2011 – 2019 attracting 1000+ attendees from global postal operators, service providers and customers.

articles and Papers by John Callan

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Mailing Systems Technology – February 10, 2015

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Sept. 11, 2012

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“A Postal Vision” – World Mail & Express – February 6, 2012

"The PostalVision 2020 Initiative"

Mail & Express Review – by John Callan, Managing Director, Ursa Major Associates, LLC – December 2011

Back to the Future: The Revival of Home Delivery 

by John Callan, Christopher M. Smith and Danilo Lacayo; PricewaterhouseCoopers, March 1999

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